Discover a MEME token with reliable tokenomics, anti-whale & anti-bot functions, built for success.

About us

Going from a fun idea, to a robust contract. A-Team.

We scrapped the chain looking for inspiration when it comes to the biggest problems surrounding MEME-token launches (swingers, whales and bots). Our hand-made contract is a guarantee that our investors can't be botted and that no whales can't control our supply. Combining a solid contract to a community-driven approach, we're set up for success.


12% Tax Fee

Sharing juice between Marketing & Development. Funds for growth.

Max Supply 14 Trillion

Simply the best setup for growth. Max tokens per wallet is 2% at launch.

NFT Collection

Bringing juice together in this one-of-a-kind NFT Collection. More details soon on Telegram.


You heard the rumours. A new system that can blacklist bots with 100% success rate. We integrated it.


Phase 1
On Launch
Website & Contract Creation
Telegram Group
Uniswap Launch
Initial Marketing Campaign
500 Telegram Members
Phase 2
On Launch
CMC & CG Listing
Neko Inu
Neko Inu Merch Store
$10M MCap
1000 Holders
Phase 3
On Launch
PancakeSwap Launch (BSC Version)
Multiple Marketing Campaigns
Team Expansion
More TBA